29 January 2012

wonderful with u . :") (part 1)

ok. the st0ry begins..
our war start 10 days fr0m n0w.. and n0w i want to ask u s0mething .. will u....

bring me to this place and have a great time t0gether?

this is the place that we will spend night t0gether!! weeee =DDD i'm n0t sure whether this is a h0tel but i d0n't care.. u have t0 make sure that we can rent this place f0r few days.. G0T it?? muahaha..

see that r0ller coaster?=D u have t0 play it with me.. i d0n't care if u begging me and u act like a brat saying N0 because u are such a c0ward t0 play it  ^.^. :)) we have t0 play it t0gether.. hell yehh =O.. we will be the craziest c0uple playing the epic r0ller c0aster. ==' haha

u and i will have this beautiful dinner.. just u and i.. that night will be our sweet dinner but n0t the sweetest because i d0n't want it happens only once. ^,^

this is 0ur bedr00m.. :)) i hate yell0w but this is what i call exclusive.=D.. i think 0ur future h0neym00n may be  perfect if we get an exclusive r00m like this 0r maybe BETTER than this.. will u make it real?hehe ;)this is the place that we spend m0st 0f the time during our h0neym00n.. 00pssyy.. suddenly pervert. H=A=H=A

that's all f0r n0w. i wll c0ntinue next time ab0ut my future h0neym00n that i'm h0ping f0r. Dear future husband, please makes it real!!!!! haha :D
 it's n0t 0ver yet! i will c0ntinue my demands s0 u have t0 get ready. and start saving your m0ney fr0m n0w!!! hahaha

#p0st ni p0st mas0k air s0 aku car0t b.i la yer.. carut melayu kang hilg pul0k ciri2 wanita melayu terakhir mintak itu ini kat bakal laki. haha

i miss him. :') 10 days with0ut him.. i will d0 my best t0 face it. :))

                                     k.b0iii <3

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